Beast Movie Review

Veera Raghavan (Vijay) is a RAW agent. The movie begins with Operation Jodhpur, where Veera is entrusted to lead a mission to capture Umar Farooq. The operation is successful, but there is a loss of a kid’s life, hurting Veera.

What Is the Film About?

A few months later, East Coast Mall is under siege by the terrorists. They take many people hostages and demand the release of Umar Farooq. Unfortunately for them, Veera is present in the mall. The movie’s basic plot is how he takes on the terrorists single-handedly and saves the day.

What Is the Film About?

Vijay is in action mode in Beast. The styling is excellently done. The character is designed to suit his strengths, and the actor goes about in his usual manner lifting the proceedings wherever possible.


The director seems to have banked entirely on his star to carry the film, but with a script that hardly offers him anything to work with, even Vijay can only do much with his star power.


Beast' directed by Nelson Dilipkumar features Vijay, Pooja Hegde, Selvaraghavan, Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley and Aparna Das. The movie is released in theatres worldwide today, April 13. The movie has already surpassed the milestone and made a record by crossing Rs 3.8 crore pre-sales collection in USA.

Pooja Hegde is a mere supporting actor in the movie. If not for the Arabic Kuthu – Halamithi Habibo, one might even forget that she exists in the film. It makes one wonder if she accepted the movie just for the song alone.

What’s Hot?

Vijay’s acting
Pooja Hegde
Halamathi Habibo
1st half comedy

What’s Not ?

Convenient screenplay
Second half
Weak ISIS thread
Over the top action

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